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BighornSevereWinter is an ESRI SDE Feature Class showing that part of the winter range where 90% of the individual animals are located when the annual snowpack is at its maximum and/or temperatures are at a minimum in the two worst winters out of ten. Not all populations exhibit migratory behavior during severe winters, many will stay within the defined winter range regardless of conditions. Thus, some populations may not have a mapped severe winter range distribution. This information was derived from field personnel. A variety of data capture techniques were used including drawing on mylar overlays at 1:50,000 scale USGS county mapsheets and implementation of the SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard using stand-up, real-time digitizing at various scales (Cowardin, M., M. Flenner. March 2003. Maximizing Mapping Resources. GeoWorld 16(3):32-35).
Colorado and United States
Bighorn sheep, Biogeography, and Wildlife conservation
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