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MuleDeerHighwayCrossing is an ESRI SDE Feature Class showing those areas where mule deer movements traditionally cross roads or railroads, presenting potential conflicts between mule deer and motorists/trains. (More than six highway mortalities per mile of highway or railroad per year is a guide that may be used to indicate highway crossings). This information was derived from field personnel. A variety of data capture techniques were used including drawing on mylar overlays at 1:50,000 scale USGS county mapsheets and implementation of the SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard using stand-up, real-time digitizing at various scales (Cowardin, M., M. Flenner. March 2003. Maximizing Mapping Resources. GeoWorld 16(3):32-35).
Colorado and United States
Mule deer, Biogeography, and Wildlife conservation
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University of Colorado Boulder
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