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SmithsBlackHeadedSnakeOverallRange is an ESRI SDE Feature Class encompassing the observed range of a population of Smith's Black-headed Snake in Colorado. This information was derived from species experts. A variety of data capture techniques were used including implementation of the SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard using stand-up, real-time digitizing at various scales (Cowardin, M., M. Flenner. March 2003. Maximizing Mapping Resources. GeoWorld 16(3):32-35). Various sources were referenced in developing these data including Amphibians and Reptiles in Colorado: A Colorado Field Guide Second Edition 1999 by Geoffrey A. Hammerson, the Colorado Herpetofaunal Atlas, and CPW Scientific Collection data.These data were last updated in April 2014.
Colorado and United States
Snakes, Tantilla, Biogeography, and Wildlife conservation
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University of Colorado Boulder
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